Membership is open to those persons of good standards of professional practice and ethics who, at the time of their election, earn a major portion of their livelihoods in a recognized field of public relations. Applicants must be certified by a majority of the members of the Professional Standards Committee as eligible, and elected to membership by a vote of no less than three-fourths of the members present at a regular meeting of the Society.

Directions: Please fill out the application below. You will have the option to submit payment online or print out your application and mail it to PPRS along with a check. In the event that this application is not accepted, all fees will be returned to the applicant.

Initiation Fee: $10

Dues: $100 ($50 if your membership is voted on and approved July through September. If you are interested in applying from October-December, please note that you will be voted on in the following January.)